Calamateur 2011

So, the end of another year, eh?

One thing I’d have to say about 2011 is that it’s not been boring – everyday family life, moving house and starting university have all made sure of that. Looking back, it’s actually been an amazing year; full of big life-changes, new ventures and nerve-wracking (but exciting) challenges.

On the Calamateur side of things, I spent a lot of time this year holed up in my home studio recording my latest album, ‘The Quiet in the Land‘.

As I’ve written before, it’s very different from my last long-player, ‘Each Dirty Letter‘, but I’m incredibly happy with it. It’s a loud, angry and brutally honest collection of songs about faith, doubt and confusion. That doesn’t seem to have put people off though, and I’ve had a lot of people giving me positive feedback about it which, as always, is very nice :-)

I tried to record as many short video clips as I could whilst recording it, and eventually put them together to make this wee promo video:

I released the album fairly quietly in November, exclusively using the awesome Bandcamp platform. No CDs, records, cassettes, iTunes or Amazon this time around – just directly from me to you online. I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s downloaded it so far. I’ll be making more of an effort to promote it in the new year but here it is, available right now, for your delectation (and you’ll get another 4 hidden tracks when you download it):

Not long after moving from Beauly to Bannockburn, my wife and I hosted a house concert by Susan Enan, an amazing UK singer-songwriter who’s based in the States. A few months later we hosted another by Numbers & Letters, a Brooklyn-based band who were doing a quick tour of Scotland. Both gigs were great fun, and gave me the impetus I needed to start playing house concerts myself. I played my first in Westerton, in the West End of Glasgow, in November and it was one of my favourite gigs I’ve ever played. The simplicity and intimacy of playing to a small audience in someone’s front room seems to perfectly suit my music when I play live.

In the new year I’ll be playing two more house concerts: one in the south side of Glasgow and one in Inverness… and if you like the idea of me coming to play in your living-room, then please get in touch! (at andrew at calamateur dot com)

The Sky Throws You single

I also completed a couple of remixes for Iain Morrison this year. I’ve done a lot of work with him in the past and it was great to have another opportunity to play around with his tunes. Here are the two remixes I did for he and Daibhidh Martin, as part of their gorgeous Haunted Bird project:

Iain Morrison & Daibhidh Martin – The Sky Throws You (Calamateur remix) by calamateur

Iain Morrison & Daibhidh Martin – Drops of Grace (Calamateur mix) by calamateur

Both remixes were released as B-sides of the single Iain & Daibhidh released in June, ‘The Sky Throws You’, featuring Anais Mitchell. You can buy it here.

And that it’s I think. A good year, all in all :-)

So, if you bought, downloaded, listened to, recommended, sang along with, danced to, (etc etc) my music this year then…. THANK YOU!

And here’s to 2012, which will hopefully hold some more big life-changes (but not too big, thanks very much), new ventures and some more nerve-wracking (but exciting) challenges!

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