Commissions 2: Iain Morrison remix

Iain Morrison – Folklore & Distant Creed (Calamateur remix).mp3
(This track is the second from a new collection of songs entitled Commissions 2008-2009. The first one is here. I’ll be releasing more songs from it via this blog over the next few weeks.)



Iain Morrison is a hugely talented singer-songwriter based near Glasgow, but originally from the Isle of Lewis. He used to be in the band Poor Old Ben, then Crash My Model Car, and is now going solo.

I first met him at the wonderful Greenbelt Festival about 6 or 7 years ago. We’ve been mutual fans pretty much ever since.

When Iain was putting together his second album, ‘Skimming Stones… Sinking Boats’ he got in touch and asked if I would be up for remixing a song, originally taken from his first album, to go on his new one. I jumped at the chance and, after much editing, tweaking and general faffing about in ProTools, eventually finished the remix you can listen to at the top of this post.

I’m really happy with it and am looking forward to hearing Iain’s new album, which is being recorded by the immensely talented (and similarly named!) Iain Hutchison.

More soon…..

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