Deep Peace

Deep Peace

If you have ever looked closely at the liner notes of most of the music I have made, you will see that it’s been released by Autoclave Records, a tiny record label started in 2003 by Richard Vernon and, since then, fairly haphazardly run by us both.

Autoclave Records

As well as my own music, we have released EPs and albums by Oldsolar, The Gena Rowlands Band and The Out_Circuit as well as a charity compilation, featuring all of these acts and more, entitled Deep Peace.

Over the last few months we’ve slowly been making all these releases available for download via the wonderful Bandcamp online music platform. The latest release we’ve been working on, and the one I’m most excited about, is the aforementioned Deep Peace compilation, which has never been available for download before:

I curated this compilation back in 2004 and I’m still incredible happy with how it turned out. Compilation albums can often be shoddily put together affairs, lining up great tracks alongside not-so-great ones and not, in and of themselves, a pleasure to listen to from start to finish. It made me very happy therefore to read some of these reviews after we put it out:

“…that rare artefact, a consistently great compilation…Buy it…” – Is This Music

“… a rich variety…consistently healthy quality control…” – Diskant

“..A fine compilation…” – Inverness City Advertiser

“…ace…” – Norman Records

‘Deep Peace’ features tracks (most of them rare and exclusive) by Aereogramme, Oldsolar, Calamateur, Brahm, Frog Pocket, Spare Snare, The Gena Rowlands Band, Les Tinglies, Slow Storm, The Out_Circuit, alicebelts, Lewis Blair, Apologist and tenyards. All the bands very generously contributed their tracks for free, for which we still remain very grateful.

And most importantly, all of the money raised from the sales of this album will go to Trident Ploughshares: “a campaign to disarm the UK Trident nuclear weapons system in a non-violent, open, peaceful and fully accountable manner”.

Trident Pploughshares

The download also comes with a free pdf of the original 12-page CD booklet (beautifully designed by Heather Small), which features detailed info about Trident Ploughshares and each of the bands involved.

You can download the album here for only £3 or more. The CD is also still available for £4 or more plus postage. And if you want to listen before you buy then you can stream the whole thing for free :-)

AND… if you pay more than a fiver, we’ll send you a free download code for a brand new collection of remixes of Calamateur songs, which you won’t be able to get anywhere else (I’ll talk about this a bit more in another blog post soon).

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